• Picture Boat and Chase Boat

We have years of experience in two areas: film and editorial production shoots and navigating NY Harbor and beyond safely and efficiently. We have combined these into one singular, focused mission: to make your marine or nautically related shoot smooth, comfortable and successful.

Flashing Amber LLC marries the work experience and skills of David Critchell and Courtade Critchell. David is a Coast Guard-licensed Captain who has worked on passenger vessels in the New York area for over 10 years. Prior to that he was a print journalist, covering the Bronx for The New York Times and later writing investigative features for Rolling Stone, GQ and The Independent, among others. Courtade is a commercial production manager who has coordinated commercial shoots both big and small in NYC, New Orleans, San Francisco and Hawaii to name a few. Together, we understand the needs of fast-paced productions and will help you navigate the complications of marine shoots with ease.