• Camera Boat at Chelsea Piers
  • AC & Camera Tech on shoot

M/V Tireless is Flashing Amber’s dedicated work/chase boat. “Our little work horse” we affectionately call her, though in truth she’s not so little. Just over 35’ long with a 12’ beam at her widest point, Tireless was built to cruise and work 100-plus miles off the Atlantic coast. Her hull is thick, solid and seaworthy and she has a 120 sq. ft. work deck—ample room for a film crew to shoot, move around and keep needed gear within easy reach.

She’s powered by a CAT 3116 diesel putting out 350hp, which pushes the 11-ton Tireless around at a top speed of 23 knots, with a cruising speed of 18 knots.

She was a solid, barebones workboat when we first saw her on a cold winter day down in Cape May. She was clearly tough and ready for service, but her graceful lines caught our attention too. We spent that winter making a number of improvements, notably in the area of passenger comfort: She now has sinks with running water, a working galley, AC power, more seating on deck and Wi-Fi.

She may no longer work out in the offshore canyons, but rest assured that whatever your production needs, Tireless will continue to live up to her name. To see pictures of Tireless, CLICK HERE.